Stellar Project is focused on ground-breaking innovation to provide a step increase in the capabilities of nano/micro satellites and facilitate/ accelerate the transition from traditional spacecraft architectures to future highly capable and widely accessible miniaturized space systems, always with a high degree of care towards environment sustainability

Stellar Project is a blend of leading edge technical research and prominent entrepreneurial skills. Stellar Project is an innovation-based startup and  a spin-off of the University of Padova. It develops and offers game-changing products, solutions and unique services to bridge the performance and reliability gap between nano/micro satellites and large spacecraft.

The population of nano/micro satellites is growing faster than that of large spacecraft, thanks to the reduced mass at launch, the low cost and the small development time. Following this wave, the access to space will be more affordable for private users wishing to invest on new and creative space ventures, and nano/micro satellites will be more and more capable of performing a variety of complex missions, including telecommunications and Earth observation.
Stellar Project is not offering a mere alternative to the widely available off-the-shelf components and subsystems for nano/micro satellites, it is rather launching into the market some completely new products and services providing a step increase in the performance and reliability of these small spacecraft, thus enabling a multiplicity of space endeavors that were simply not possible just few months ago.