Ground-breaking innovation for nano/micro satellites

LaserCube is a laser communication terminal for CubeSat platforms. LaserCube provides a step change in communication capabilities of nanosatellites, increasing the throughput performance of these miniature spacecraft of more than 10 times compared to state-of-the-art radiofrequency solutions. Nanosatellites already offer a unique mean to realize low-cost missions accessible to a large variety of operators and users, and LaserCube represents a special technical solution to revolutionize such low-cost missions. In fact, it will make possible to transmit and distribute unprecedented quantities of diversified space-borne data, contributing to further increase the business opportunities related to the employment of CubeSats, including Earth imagery, weather forecasting, global telecommunications and internet services.

Stellar Project is developing LaserCube under ESA contract 4000121651/17/UK/AD "LASERCUBE: an optical communication system for miniature satellites", in the framework of ESA ARTES Competitiveness & Growth programme.


NANODOCK is a fully autonomous docking system for CubeSat platforms. NANODOCK features a suite of sensors for proximity relative navigation (range and attitude), an independent guidance control subsystem for close rendezvous manoeuvres, and an hard docking mechanism for chaser/target structural connection.
Providing nano/micro satellites with easy docking capabilities will further enlarge the range of future applications of these miniaturized platforms, making possible to assemble in space flight arrays of CubeSats for creating modular, reconfigurable and expandable structures (telescopes, antennas, solar panels fields, etc), and increasing at the same time the fault tolerance of the resulting space system.